Friday, November 28, 2014

I Am (I Wonder Version)

I am poetic and thoughtful.
I wonder why bluebirds sing.
I hear the brush of angels’ wings.
I see the wind dance like candlelight.
I want wars to end and things to be right.
I am poetic and thoughtful.

I pretend that lilies are fallen stars.
I feel like I could reach the sky.
I touch rose petals that are as soft as silk.
I worry that people are weighed down by guilt.
I cry when I hear sad music play.
I am poetic and thoughtful.

I understand why there is hurt in the world.
I say that there’s beauty in everything.
I dream of warm, green forests with sunlight filtering, illuminating a hidden world.
I try to be responsible in everything.
I hope to someday hear wedding bells ring.
I am poetic and thoughtful.

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